Advertising Solutions @ The American Prospect

The American Prospect offers a multi-platform advertising menu combining print and digital channels. Our magazine has developed a well-earned reputation for authoritative, engaging commentary. Our website,, is a magnet for thousands of daily visitors seeking a timely view of public policy and political events. Advertise on any or all of our platforms and reach an audience that is educated, affluent and socially conscious.


The American Prospect is a published 6 times a year and has a paid circulation (print and digital editions combined) of nearly 45,000. Our magazine readers are well educated, affluent, active and engaged. Our magazine is distributed to the Progressive grassroots community nationwide as well as to Members of Congress and their staffs and progressive leaders in both politics and business. The audience trends to a demographic that is above 45 in age and more male than female. Our circulation is nationwide and well distributed in urban areas and college campuses. Ad sizes range from full page spread to 1/4 page.

Web site has over 400K unique visitors per month. Our web audience is younger than our magazine (largely between 25 and 35) and more evenly balanced in gender. Our web visitors are largely from urban areas with high concentrations in cities that include Seattle, Portland OR, San Francisco, LA, Minneapolis, Denver, Indianapolis, Austin TX, Dallas, Chicago and Boston. New York and Washington DC rank as our top web visitor cities. Also, our web is has big visitor numbers from college and university towns.

Partner Emails

We are now able to offer you access to our email list for your messages. Reach our growing email list of nearly 60,000 people. This is an active and engaged Progressive audience that also receives our E-Newsletters. If you have petition drives, events or any cause related communications we can provide you with a key targeted audience. Among the clients we have serviced with the Partner Emails are National Wildlife Federation, American Rights at Work, Credo Mobile, The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Better World Club and Netroots Nation. We send out your email to our list under a heading telling recipients that they are receiving the message from The American Prospect on behalf of you.

Daily and Weekly E-newsletters

Nearly 60,000 subscribers receive our daily Balance Sheet email and the Prospect's Weekly e-newsletter. Both have just one exclusive advertising space available for unique send-our advertising ownership. Open rates for all of our e-newsletters have been running well above industry averages.

Digital Magazine and Special Reports

Our bi-monthly magazine and monthly Special Reports are widely distributed to subscribers and special interests groups via our new Digital Edition. This is the entire magazine as you see it in print in a digital flip book so all full page ads will be included as well. In this format print ads can be enhanced with hyperlinks, video, pop-ups and other rich media elements.

Advertising Contact:
Ed Connors
202-776-0730 ext. 119