Daniel Schuman

Daniel Schuman is the policy director of the Demand Progress Education Fund.

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Pelosi Must Not Run Congress Like Trump Ran His Businesses

Congress doesn’t have the resources right now to take on Trump, and Democrats aren’t fighting to acquire them.

In the midst of a constitutional crisis of Trumpian proportions, the House of Representatives is poised to unilaterally disarm. At the very heart of how the Congress can hold the president to account is whether it will have the resources to do so. A quarter-century ago, Newt Gingrich set out to destroy Congress as a force for progress, slashing the House’s funding by 14 percent and eviscerating its support agencies, like the Office of Technology Assessment , which drafted reports on emerging scientific and technological issues. In the last decade, House Republicans literally decimated funding for the House. Overall funding for the legislative branch is down by $370 million in constant dollars over the last decade alone, and funding for committees over that time has dropped by 22 percent—from $432 million to $329 million in constant dollars. Congress is a shadow of itself. What this means in terms of personnel, for example, is House committee staff fell by one-third from...