Jeanne Lambrew & Ellen Montz

Jeanne Lambrew is a senior fellow at the Century Foundation and former deputy assistant to the president for health policy in the Obama administration. 

Ellen Montz is a fellow at the Century Foundation and a former senior health policy adviser at the White House.

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The Next Big Thing in Health Reform: Where to Start?

The Century Foundation
This article appears in the Winter 2018 issue of The American Prospect magazine as part of a joint project with the Century Foundation on Health Reform 2020 . Subscribe here to The American Prospect . hc2020_logo-04_jpeg.jpg The next Democratic candidate for president or Democratic Congress will likely embrace some sort of public plan as part of the “next big thing” in health reform. Numerous congressional Democrats have thrown their weight behind Senator Bernie Sanders’s “Medicare for All” bill. Support is also growing for various kinds of “public options”—opportunities to expand the role of public programs through Medicare, Medicaid, or the health insurance marketplaces. These ideas are similar in their goal of providing lower-cost, simpler, and more secure health-care coverage for all Americans through insurance plans that are publicly backed and organized. The proposals reflect frustration with private insurers and a belief in a...