Robert B. Clarke & Steven Lubet

The Reverend Robert B. Clarke is a priest at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Lancaster, Ohio. Steven Lubet is the Williams Memorial Professor of Law at Northwestern University.

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An Encouraging Story About Falsehood

Dangerous lies from people in high places are an everyday part of our world. Here’s one case with a positive outcome.

(AP Photo/Mahmoud Illean)
Like too many stories about the Middle East debate in the United States, this one starts off badly, with untruths. The conclusion, however, is almost uniquely positive and encouraging. The story begins on July 13, when the General Convention of the Episcopal Church considered a resolution criticizing Israel for violating the rights of Palestinian children. One of the most stirring moments in the debate occurred when Suffragan Bishop Gayle Harris of Massachusetts stepped up to the microphone and testified to her firsthand observation of Israeli mistreatment of young Palestinians. “I was there, a couple of years ago on the Temple Mount,” she said. “A three-year-old little boy, a Palestinian with his mother, was bouncing a rubber ball. The ball happened to sort of roll away from him and go over the side down to the Western Wall, otherwise known as the Wailing Wall. And immediately, Israeli soldiers camp up to the Temple Mount and attempted to put handcuffs on a three-...